16CH CCTV NVR recorder H.265

//16CH CCTV NVR recorder H.265
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Project Description

16CH cctv NVR recorder H.265

Main function :

1.Support 16 channel 1080P connect at the same time
2.H.264 & H.265 coding compression, clear picture quality
3.Support HDMI/VGA output, 1080P output
4.Plug and play,no need to settup, one key can search and add image automatically
5.Contain P2P function,can remote monitor via phone,PC,etc.
6.support Onvif 2.4,support to access video streaming like 1080P/960P/720P,etc
7.4 channel for playback at on time (1 channel for 1080P playback at one time)
8.2SATA hard disk interfaces(MAX 4t) 2usb ports
9.Support abnormal alarm like motion detection and no hard disk, also support push alarm message to app and email
10.Support connect with 16 channel 1080P cameras, manage in real time , playback in many channels
11.Metal shell,multihole for heat dissipation,high stability of performance, with a longer use lifetime