8 zones wired alarm system

//8 zones wired alarm system
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Project Description

8 zones wired alarm system 

PA-728ULT, 8zones + 2 keypad zones
Paradox alarm system
including main panel(pcb) + keypad and metal box with trnsformer110 V&220V

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Main Features :

  1. Different programmable settings, such as alarm sounds, zone types, recording, remote controlling, telephone number, phone line Check, and etc
  2. Single zone ARM and DISARM
  3. Connect 4 keypads at most

4.Automatically dials alarm center users mobile phone or telephone with audible alarm while emergency happens

5 .6 groups of phone number and 2 groups alarm center phone number could be set. When the alarm activated, it could repeat dialing the numbers

paradox alarm.

paradox alarm

  1. High speed digital communication, compatible ADEMCO4+1, CID digital communication protocol

7.Anti-tamper of the control panel and keypad, anti-snipping of keypad communication line

  1. Restore user’s password to factory defaults by hardware and restore the system factory defaults by software
  2. Built-in voice module, 10seconds record, voice alarm function

Record 100 latest alarm events

  1. Malfunction alarm: AC power fail, low voltage and telephone line loss

Remark :

1.User could add GSM dialer and transform PA–728 to GSM alarm system

2. user could add wireless tranformer to coding wireless sensors

3.user could add remote controller to this model

gsm dialer