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Project Description

wifi NVR kits 4 channel 1080p 

Main features :

1.3.6mm million HD lens with 1280*1080 pixels
2.Plug and play, without debugging;image come out once power on, Wireless technology access network cameras without network wiring, simple installation
3.Professional video WIFI signal transmission to insure adjusted stream automatically and protect stable signal for video communication
4.wireless package adopt Wireless + wired double setting, wireless transmit distance up to 400 meters(open environment) and wired connection to guarantee a variety of complex application environments if beyond the distance
5.Wireless cascading, wireless transmission distance of 500 metres, multi-angle turn wireless signal to fit for more complex scenes
6.Camera waterproof material,multiple installation ways to meet your various perspectives and needs
7.P2P cloud monitoring, mobile and remote client computers and IE browser so that you can monitoring anytime, anywhere
8.Supports 3-meter-long camera power line make it more convenient to connect
9.Support 4T hard drive, 4 channel million HD video recording and playback;
10.Only one owner for remote access, fundamentally eliminate repeat add, avoid peek, greater security, support one-click Sharing, share wonderful moment and happiness with family and friends
11.Motion detection, when there is moving target in monitoring regions, surveillance camera will automatically start video recording and support a push alert messages to clients and mailbox, space-saving, flexible, no need to worry about hard drive storage capacity is not enough;
12.Drawer type hard disk design, extremely simplifying the hard disk installation, there’s no need to install any hard drive screws
13.Support video preview/recording/playback/backup feature supporting USB multiplex, stable realization of USB mouse, backups, upgrades, and other operations
14.swtich over Day and night via built-in IR-CUT,improve color reproduction ,switches over day and night automatically , use array infrared lamp, high quality reflective overlay,magnify focus effect, improve night vision effect, better heat-spread, and longer lifetime
15.Aluminum alloy thicken shell, good leakproofness, special tail cover and IP66 waterproof rating, water-resistant, dust-proof, anti-jamming, can be long-lasting;

NVR Specifications :

wifi NVR kits-NVR

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Camera Specifications :

wifi nvr kits-camera