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pet immume wired outdoor PIR sensor DG75

Digital Dual-Optic High-Performance wired motion detector .It is pet immume and avoids animal causing false alarm .Like dog ,cat and so on .

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Advantage of motion detector DG75 :

1. Stable performance, greatly reduce the occurrence of false positives

2. Can effectively prevent false alarm like small animals under 40kg

3. Two independent anti-polarity dual source motion detector

4. Digital anti-polarity detection technology

5. Automatic temperature compensation

6. Automatically adjust of pulses

motion detector.

motion detector

Technical paramter:

1. Detection method: Dual infrared technology

2. Voltage input: 11-16VDC

3. Current consumption: 15mA max

4. Detect distance: 11m × 11m

5. Environment temperature: -10 ~ +50 centigrade

6. Alarm Output: 100mA/28VDC, NC

7. Alarm-tamper switch: 150mA/28VDC, NC

8. Pet Immunity: Up to 40KG

9. Installation: Wall mounted

10. Lens: 2ND generation Fresnel lens

11. Dimensions: 68× 127× 52mm

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