Project Description

APP operated vehicle tracking system with quad bands working worldwide

Model: TK105A/B

GPS Tracker,which set multiple functions of accurately positioning,security, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety,special for vehicle.
The product fully supports the functions of SMS / GPRS / Internet data transmission,to make it more widely used in large-scale monitoring, emergency scheduling, location-based services, traffic safety and many other areas of management.

Detailed description:
It is based on GSM/GPRS(850/900/1800/1900MHZ)wireless telecommunication internet and GPS satillite global position system,track by several ways.provide monitor software and global map.real-time track through the monitor software in your pc;track through your PDA cell phone and googleearth.

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For vehicle (12V-24V)

LBS/Cell ID tracking+ GPS satelites tracking, monitor

DualSim switch if one lost signal

ARM (Lock) / DISARM (unlock) by SMS

ARM (Lock) / DISARM (unlock) by Remote control

remote shutdown vehicle engine and resume

Support camera,snatshot image automatically when alarm triggered,get image from cell phone or Web platform.

Support RFID /Kilometrage, speed governor/GPS blind spot alert

gps tracker

gps tracker box

Power save mode, GPRS data save mode

Real time tracking, turning points update automatically

SOS,Geo fence, movement, over speed, low battery and power off alert

Fuel, shock sensor, ACC, door alarm

Configure parameters by USB cable

SMS tracking on cellphone with google maps link/Exact street address by SMS

Web server and mobile APP, free PC based tracking softe

Tracking platform for model GPS105A/B

  • SMS tracking on cell phone with google map link
  • Absolute street address by SMS
  • Web server
  • free PC tracking soft
  • Mobile phone APP