Project Description

smoke and carbon monoxide detector multi sensor

Independent and wireless type for optional


Combo Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarm against two household threats simutaneously
1. Separate smoke & CO warnings
2. CE approved

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarm (smoke alarm, CO alarm)

  1. One alarm protects against two deadly household threats simultaneously

Smoke Sensor: Photoelectric

CO Sensor: Electrochemical

  1. High and stable smoke sensitivity
  2. CO concentration threshold: varying time-to-alarm depending on concentration
  3. Separate smoke & CO warnings
  4. Fitting and battery tamper-resist feature
  5. With quick fix mounting bracket for easy installation
  6. Insects Proof
  7. LED operation indicator

9.Low-battery warning indicator

10.Self-test/Hush button

11.Auto-reset when smoke clears and CO is under its peak level

  1. CE certifications
Operation Temperature 4°C -38°C
Power Source 9 volt Battery
Sensitivity to Smoke 3.0-6.0 %Obs /m
Response Times At 50 ppm, unit must alarm within 60 ~ 90 min

At 100 ppm, unit must alarm within 10 ~ 40 min

At 300 ppm, unit must alarm within 3 min

Alarm Current 30mA max
Standby Current 20uA max
Alarm Sound Level 85 decibels at 3 meters