Project Description

GSM wireless security alarm kit with LCD display Model VIP-606T

Product features :

1. 99 wireless and 8 wire defense zones.
2. At most 8 wireless remote control codes.
3. LCD display for clear information.
4. 6 groups of voice alarm phones (mobile phone), 2 groups alarm center phone.
5. Built-in perpetual calendar and clock; automatic record alarm cases by time sequence.
6. Message recording playback: human recording, could playback to check the recording effect of the audition

gsm wireless alarm kit

gsm wireless alarm kit

 7. More arm modes: remote arm, keypad arm, and non-local remote arm by telephone; stay-in arm, timing arm, and individual arm in zones.
8. Programming of defense zone type: all zones could be programmed via keypad for immediate, delayed, 24-hour and bypass alarm modes.
9. Alarm position programming: Intelligent automatic speech recognition: SOS alarm, fire alarm, gas leak, magnetic alarm, hall alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm etc.
10. Timing arm and disarm: host could timing arm and disarm automatically. full voice prompt. easy to operate .
11. Intelligent learning code: intelligent learning code, newly added with detector which is prompt and efficient, and convenient and simple.
12. Host status memory: host memory for arm and disarm automatically, could enable the host to automatically recover arm or disarm before power cut after the reset upon power cut or shut down.

13. Event record query: host automatically records 45 pieces of all information concerning arm, disarm and alarm events.
14. Line priority alarm: the host will cut the busy call and switch to priority alarm in case of the alarm during ongoing call, no matter incoming or outgoing call.
15. Phone disconnection detection: automatic detect on and alarm warning in line disconnection, for anti-sabotage of telephone lines.
16. Remote control: through remote phone (cell phone) dial-up, many operations could be realized, like arm, disarm and on-site monitoring by the host in the remote control form.
17. Compatible with internationally accepted protocol of alarm receipt center: Ademco Contact ID alarm communication protocol.

gsm wireless alarm kit

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GSM wireless alarm system

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Technical parameter of gsm wireless alarm kit :

technical parameter

Wireless alarm system adopts the most advanced digital sensing and controlling technologies, it is the intelligent alarm control system containing burglar alarm, fire alarm, fire fighting, gas leakage and SOS.

Wireless alarm system uses the most advanced multiple random selection technology, it avoids the problems of interference and alarm missing which usually exist in the similar systems. This system can be used widely in residence, shops, villa, small enterprise and so on.

Frequency ask questions :

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