Project Description

wireless 120 zones security alarm systems with High brightness LED digital tube display VIP-801C

Main Features of model VIP-801C

Human voice prompt, convenient operation, easy to understand, 7 level volume


120 wireless zones, Each can be defined as one of the 8 zone types including



Can control up to 10 intelligent socket.

Wireless intelligent study coding, compatible with PT2262 normal encoding

and a 1527 encoding

Maximum support 150 remote controls and 150 detectors.
Anto change to Built-in lithium battery when power cut, will call you and alarm for notification

Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert.

Maximum length of voice message is 10 seconds.

Four sets of scheduled arming/disarming , each time disarming you can select

the included period of time and different defense zone, eliminating of need of

the manual procedure, realizing automatic controls.

Built-in siren, 8 levels siren volume adjusted, can also be connect with an

external signal.

home alarm control panel

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GSM wireless alarm system

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Home Alarm system setup

home alarm control panel

Alarm panel should be installed at a central location with best transmission to all the wireless sensors and accessories. Keep the panel well away from large metal objects or household appliances with high-frequency interference, and avoid barriers such as concrete walls with metal frame inside and fire doors.

home alarm control panel

8 different intelligent defense zones :

The Panel only works on the arming status. When disarming, there is no response.

Can be shut off the detector in the stay zones when the alarm system in the Stay Arm status.To avoid the Infrared Detectors and other in-room detectors from misinformation when master is resting at home.


If the detector in the Defense zone is triggered only once, it will not immediately alarm. But if being triggered once again within 30 seconds after the first triggering, it will alarm immediately.
No matter on arming or disarming status, if detector is triggered it will alert. Usually used in connecting with Smoke Detectors, Gas Detectors and emergency button, etc.
No matter arming or disarming status, detectors will not alert even being triggered.
No matter in what status, when sensor with this zone is triggered, a welcome door bell will be ring as notification.
Working on the disarming status, when sensor with this zone is triggered, a welcome voice message will be played. While in arming status, system alarms.
This type of zone is for elderly safety, no matter in what status, the panel will alarm once sensor with this zone type is triggered. System automatically dial 7,8,9 groups help senior number, once the phone picked up, it remind with voice of “someone need help”

home alarm control panel



vip-801C display

How to install sensors :

The surface for door sensor installation should be clean so door sensor can be attached to the door and frame firmly with double faced adhesive.

Door sensor  door sensor

How to install PIR sensor:

Before use, make sure the power switch of PIR motion sensors is at the ON position.

Installation height is about 2.2 meters above ground and the optimized detection angle for most motion sensor is 90 degree. The sensor should face the detected area with this consideration for best coverage. It is advised to install with the face of motion sensor perpendicular to the most probable moving detection of people for the highest effective detection.

PIR sensor