Project Description

waterproof outdoor motion sensor with dual lens detecting

The Digigard DG85-2 combines a special weatherproof design and the proven technology of our DG75 Digigard High-Security Motion Detector with Pet Immunity to provide the same reliable protection outdoors.It adopts quadruple positive infrared + artificial intelligent, the multiplex detector functions are more reliable.

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Main Features :

1.Impact and temperature resistant casing (-35°C to 50°C / -31°F to 122°F)

  1. Patented Digital Motion Detection
  2. Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
  3. Dual Optical Filtering System
  4. UV protected lens
  5. Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)

7.Digital Dual Opposed Detection

  1. Multi-level sensitivity adjustment

9.Two operational modes (Bus or Relay operation)

10.Can be used with the Heavy Duty Outdoor Swivel Bracket (MG-SB85W). Click here for more information.

outdoor PIR sensor .

outdoor PIR sensor

Other features :

  • Adopts self-designed DSP chip with patented frequency adjustment calculation technology
  • EM DSP chip, improve the sensibility of detector.
  • Anti- drew, shaking sensor, it has the function of self-adjustment and self-protection.
  • Remarkable function of pet immunity below 30kg
  • The Germany imported dual optical filter system used indoor and out door, it has the reliable function of resistance to wrong alarm
  • Full sealed design, three layers water proof. Can be used indoor and out door.
  • Impact and temperature resistant casing
  • Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
  • Dual Optical Filtering System
  • UV protected lens
  • Patented Animal Immunity (up to 40kg/90lbs)
  • Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection
  • Multi-level sensitivity adjustment
  • Two operational modes (addressable for Digiplex and DigiplexNE or conventional relay operation)
  • 11m (35ft) X 11m (35ft); 90 viewing angle