Project Description

Main function :

1.Electronic bicycle (9-40V)
2.Location based service(LBS) + GPS double real time tracking solution, monitor
3.GPS blind spot alert
4.Sleep by time / shock sensor, deep sleep, awake at specific time, multi power saving mode
5.Save GPRS traffic mode(Money save mode)
6.Movement,Geo-fence,Over speed,door, ACC, Shock,ext.power off and low battery alarm
7.Engine stop and resume
8.Fuel measurement, fuel leak/theft alarm
10.ARM / DISARM by remote control
11.Built-in memory for 16,000 positions, support Microsd
12.Built-in 500 mA polymer battery
13.SMS tracking on cell phone with google map link
14.Absolute street address by SMS
15.Web server, free PC tracking soft, Mobile phone APP