Project Description

wide detecting angle microwave motion sensor dual infared PIR sensor for outdoor or indoor PA-525D

PIR & Microwave dual PIR sensor Outdoor   PA-525D

1) Infrared detecting
2) microwave detecting
3) sensor type: Dual element, rectangle

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pir sensor .

pir sensor

Technical paramter:

Outdoor wired wall mounted PIR motion sensor
1. Motion detector type: PIR+microwave
2. Sensor geometry: Rectangular
3. Focal onint lens: 1.2″
4. Range(90degree standard lens): 14*14m
5. Microwave antenna type: Flat strip microwave antenna with FET oscillator
6. Operating temperature: -20~50degree
7. Voltage: 10~16VDC
8. Current Consumption: 30mA Max
9. Alarm form A output: Standard 150mA, 28VDC
10. Alarm form C output: NC 150mA, 28VDC optional
11. Tamper form C output: NC. 150mA, 28VDC optional
12. Alarm period: 3sec
13. Pet Immunity: Under30KG
14.100% digital motion detection
15. Digital auto pulse signal processing(patented)

More photos of PA-525D PIR sensor:

pir sensor

pir sensor