Project Description

4 wired and 6wireless GSM home alarm system Model VIP-606P

Functions and advantages :

Wireless GSM intelligent anti-theft electronic alarm system is an innovative mobile intelligent alarm device integrating GSM digital signal processing techniques and imported STC microprocessor, and a variety of technologies including digital voice announcer, SMS, learning code pairing, etc.


In addition, this alarm system is highly automatic, giving automatic voice or SMS alert in the event of emergency without intensive manual settings required. Features of stability, reliability, safety, and humanizing control enable it to be widely used for security in shops, convenience stores, offices, villas, residential communities, etc.

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GSM wireless alarm system

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Hot advantages :

1, GSM network, and with telephone landline

2, 4 wired and 10 wireless zones, each can support 10 detectors (the maximum is 100).

3, Code pairing for up to 8 wireless remote controls.

4, Built-in intercom speakers with high acoustic quality and large volume.

5, Preset 6 alarm phone numbers to dial up.

6, Preset 3 SMS numbers to send the message when alarm

7, Built-in digital voice announcer to report alarm conditions automatically.

home alarm system

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home alarm system

8, Telephone function, allowing two-way communication through telephone

9, Programming for alarm place: help-seeking, fire, gas, door lock, living room, window, balcony or surrounding alarm.

10, Can record all the information of 40 alarm events automatically.

11, Multi-arming modes: real-time arming via remote control, delayed system arming when outgoing, arming at home, arming at appointed time, remote arming via phone.

12, Various programming functions for zones, such as real time, delayed, 24 hours and bypass.

13, Built-in lithium battery with high capacity to enable alarm while power-off.

System trouble shooting :

Is the SIM card fit properly? Install again

Is the PIN code of the SIM card set? Cancel it

Is the mobile signal not strong enough at the installation location? Change the place

Is the code normal or is code pairing successful? Identify the correct code, and carry out code pairing again.

Is the prober under voltage or is its transmission distance not long enough? Replace the battery.

Is the mobile signal strong enough? Change the location of the main unit.

Is there enough balance in the GSM card? Check and recharge it.

Check whether the phone numbers have been set correctly.

Are the positive and negative poles of the siren contacted properly? Check Is the zone set as mute alarm? Reset
Have users recorded voice before? Record again.
Is the remote control password inputted correct? (Its factory setting is 1234)