Project Description

Fixed Wireless terminal gsm auto dialer
Model VIP-102D
1. Two RJ11 ports .one for the PSTN line ,another for the alarm  host . support local PSTN line of PBX .
2. The GSM signal is very strong, even in weaker GSM signal place it can also sent out alarm signal quickly.
3. Watchdog is installed, the watchdog can automatically restart to insure the equipment not going to crash if it is abnormal.
4 . If you send the SMS command message to the terminal for check or remote control the equipment, it will automatic
reply his working status to your mobile. You don’t need to go to the
working place to check the device. It can auto send you a alarm SMS if the GSM signal is too weaker.
5.You will receive a SMS if the device cannot dialing out because of don’t have charge and etc.